David Brown, 2024Thanks for visiting my site! I created this site as a repository for thoughts and ideas I would like to share. I am an entrepreneur with a passion for technology, travel and history. But I am also interested in business, international matters, health and even genealogy, so you may find posts about any of these subjects and my thoughts about a variety of issues.

I have always been fascinated with technology in general, and especially with the Internet. It was very early when I first decided to try and figure out what websites were all about, and it quickly became a sideline that led the future.

After starting my career as a physicist and nuclear engineer, I progressed to computers and on to networks. My functions gradually changed from technical to sales support to sales and finally into executive management. During that progression, I moved from large companies to smaller ones and from domestic to international settings, spending almost 20 years in the UK. I found that startups, especially those in technology, were one of my greatest interests.

While I will never admit to being retired, I do enjoy the freedom today to spend more time on the things I enjoy, such as investing, helping others and being an advisor or board member for small enterprises. I also run a number of e-commerce websites, including The Savvy Traveler, where I provide advice and act as a Travel Advisor, booking travel for a handful of clients.

I don’t like posting political content online, but something may slip through, because I do believe that, as Ronald Regan said in his 1967 inaugural address as Governor of California,  “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Thanks again for stopping by!