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Descendants of John Wesley O’Molloy

Descendants of John Wesley O’Molloy

I am exploring the roots of my Maloy (Malloy) family, which originated in Scotland as O’Molloy. Descendants of John Wesley O’Molloy Generation No. 1 1. JOHN WESLEY1 O’MOLLOY was born Abt. 1728 in Isle of Jura, County Argyllshire, SCOTLAND, and died Sep 29, 1804 in Robeson County, North Carolina USA. He married MARION ELIZABETH SMITH […]

Creating a Free Ancestry Account

ancestry-logo has a wealth of features and connections with global databases. It is undoubtedly the premier genealogy in the world. But all this data comes at a cost. There are various levels of subscriptions that unlock new features, and each can come at an additional cost. But what do you need if you are simply […]

Campbell Family Connection

Clan Campbell Coat of Arms

This post is mostly for my family, exploring our Campbell Family roots. My grandmother, Alma, Campbell Price, was our family connection to the Campbell Clan. So far, we can only go up to my 3rd great grandfather, John N. Campbell. Some folks on Ancestry have traced the family all the way back to Argyle. No […]

Max Brown

Max Brown

I lost my Brown family cousin recently, who was like a big brother to me. We have been close as long as I can remember, and we spoke often. I will miss him. If you knew Max or would like to know about him, you can read his obituary here…

New Facebook Group for Tamasovich-Gyombe...

Family reunion

A new Facebook group has been set up for members of the Joseph F Tamasovich and/or Ellen Gyomber Tamasovich family. It is a closed group, but any member (or member spouse/partner) of the family is welcome to join. It is hoped that the new group will provide an easy way to maintain a dialogue with […]

Navigating the Ancestry Tools


For those of us interested in ancestry, we are fortunate to have some really good tools, both online and for use on almost any platform. And they are all becoming increasingly capable. But if you just want to view a tree, perhaps something we are working on for you, there are two best options currently: […]



Growing up as an adoptee, I never really thought much about ancestors. I was perfectly happy, picturing my folks going into this vast room of babies, seeing me and saying, “He’s the one!”. It made me feel special. Some adopted children just can’t get their heads around it. Often they are conflicted with a feeling […]