Woman with flowers.

AI generated image of a woman with flowers.

I was about to write a couple of disclaimers for my websites and suddenly thought, this is a great job for ChatGPT.So I went to https://chat.openai.com/ to ask for suggestions, but it was down! It seems I am not the only geek out there who is beginning to rely on expert assistance from this exciting new AI tool.

It was then that the true value of this interesting product really began to hit me. What if it were taken away? What if they charged a subscription? How much would I pay?

The good news is that it is not likely to be taken away – but it is likely to become a subscription service, because it is worth it. And it will continue to grow in value. Currently it cannot directly speak to the internet, and the data in the system is good only through 2021. Even with that, the information you can get is valuable. Ask about anything that does not need the latest and greatest information, such as, “Create an agenda for a company board meeting” or “What is the HTML code to create a copyright footer with a link on my website?”

But imagine where it will be once it is updated monthly or even daily. And when it can interact with websites. Already AI is being integrated into websites that will allow you to clone your own voice, create a presentation, write a paper (teachers beware!) or even create artwork. What could be next?

So can we live without it? Probably, but life is changing – rapidly. Don’t be left out!