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Like many people, my investment approach has changed over time. In my earlier years, I was an aggressive growth investor. But more recently I have found myself shifting more toward income generating investments. I have been investing in dividend stocks for several years, and a few years back I came across a newsletter called “The Dividend Hunter.”

In full disclosure, I’ve probably subscribed to almost every financial newsletter out there. But what sets this particular newsletter apart, and what makes me follow it to a tee, is the sage advice by its author, Tim Plaehn, a former Air Force fighter pilot who has brought his attention to detail to his unique investment approach. For starters, Tim looks for stocks with a record of increasing dividends. Not a unique approach, but he doesn’t just look for these companies – he vets them in great detail. His fact finding often takes him to the management teams and even CEO’s of these companies to learn about their businesses in enough detail that he thoroughly understands the businesses and their prospects.

Tim continues this process for the entire time the companies are on his recommendation list, and he informs his subscribers with detailed reports, not only with a monthly newsletter, but through regular webinars and a weekly “Video Mailbag” in which he discusses his findings and thoughts about what to do.

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A big portion of my hard earned retirement savings is invested following Tim’s recommendations. And for me, the results have been astounding. Tim’s track record is unassailable, consistently besting most of the major indices even in bad years.  If you would like to know more or even try his service, the links in this post point to a special offer with a 12-month money back guarantee.

My good friend, Dennis Miller, publishes a free regular financial newsletter called “Miller on the Money.” Dennis is a veteran financial reporter with lots of good ideas and food for thought. Here is a link to sign up: www.milleronthemoney.com/free

Dennis recently interviewed Tim in one of his issues. You can find the link here:

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