DuckDuckGo LogoDuckDuckGo has released an app for the Mac and states that a Windows app will follow. Currently it is available only on an invitation basis, but it is expected to be more widely available in the coming months.

The app can be downloaded at (CAUTION: The app will automatically download when you open this page!) However, a code must be entered in order to activate the application. The code can be requested through the DuckDuckGo app on iOS or Android devices. The user should continue to check the app until the code pops up, and immediately make a note or take a screen shot of it, as if it goes away it can be a bit difficult to find again!

One of the best features is the ability to create an email address at This can be done on your mobile device, but choose carefully, because it will be a while before the address you chose can be changed. The address is an alias that can be used for any services that might send tracking code. It points to whatever address you would like (and that address can be changed) and delivers a clean email without tracking codes to your inbox.

There has been some controversy recently when it emerged the company had an agreement to share some data with Microsoft, but in my opinion, this is still one of the most secure search engines out there, and there is no reason to believe the browser won’t be the same.