Zoom LogoSome organizations have meetings large enough or often enough that there are sometimes two or more persons who “run” meetings for their groups. Often it is necessary for one user to record a meeting and another to perform follow up processing, such as downloading it and uploading it to YouTube. In these cases, the Zoom ‘Record to Cloud’ option is ideal.

All Zoom members can easily record a meeting for later reference. For users with a free account, the recordings can only be saved to the user’s computer. But for those with a paid account, there is a “Record to Cloud” option that saves the meeting to the Zoom cloud and allows viewing on Zoom as well as downloading at the user’s convenience.

Here’s how to save a meeting to the cloud…click on any of the images to enlarge them to full size:

Log into Zoom and start the meeting the normal way. When the cursor is over the screen, the meeting menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select Record to start the recording…

Record Button on Zoom

At this point, you will see the option to record to your computer or to the cloud. Select Record to Cloud…

Zoom Record to Cloud

Once the meeting has adjourned, select the Stop button to end the recording…

End Recording on Zoom

The following confirmation box will appear. Simply confirm to end the recording.

Stop Recording confirmation Zoom

After that, simply end the meeting in the normal way. Once the meeting is ended, the recording will process on the Zoom platform. The account owner will receive an email confirming that the recording is available to review or download.