Tesla Model YIn June I took delivery of a 2021 Tesla Model Y. It is hands down the best car I have ever owned! I love the acceleration, comfort, ride and most of all the economy. On a special rate from Georgia Power, I am able to charge at home overnight for only 1¢ per kilowatt hour (plus tax, $0.01437/kwh). That’s almost FREE!

Traveling is much easier than I thought, with SuperChargers available all along the routes we usually take. Supercharging is, of course, more expensive than home charging, but even at an average of 35¢/kwh, trips are only about 1/3 of what we paid previously in our gasoline cars. More later, but if you are interested, head over to the Tesla Website and set yourself up an account. And I would appreciate it if you would please use my referral code below:

Tesla referral code:  http://ts.la/david17508