Covid-19 vaccine

Some interesting information has just come out about COVID-19 vaccines, and you may not see it in the mainstream media. A study just released from the Cleveland Clinc has uncovered two important conclusions:

1. The more recent the last prior COVID-19 episode, the lower the risk of getting COVID-19 again, but
2. The greater the number of vaccine doses previously received, the higher the risk of COVID-19!

What? So let’s get this straight. Firstly, this demonstrates that getting COVID-19 provides some protection against getting it again, but as expected, that protection does begin to fall off with time.

But the blockbuster is that the more you get vaccinated against COVID-19, the more likely you are to get it! Isn’t that kind of the opposite of what the vaccine makers (and our government) have been leading us to expect???

Read the full study here:

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