Having been taking Juice Plus and even becoming involved with the business since 2008, you might think I would already know a lot about plant-based nutrition. After all, one of the greatest benefits of being a representative for The Juice Plus Company is the opportunity to attend numerous wellness programs and learn a lot about health and how it is affected by what we eat.

But as a result of some recent events, I have learned a lot more! Who could have guessed that many things we eat, some of which we are told are good for us, are actually harming us? It turns out that eating a fully plant-based diet is simply more healthy for us. So we’ve started that journey!

April 2022 update: We’re still mostly plant based, with the occasional egg or some seafood. We watch what we eat when eating out and are 99% oil-free at home. It’s a diet that we think is both healthy and livable!